What Makes a Magic Mirror Photobooth Better for Events and Parties?

Events and parties are all about memorability. People host events because they want to give their guests a good time while promoting something to them. This could be a personal promotion of someone’s happiness, such as a wedding or birthday party celebration, or it could be a business event for employees and their clients. Either way, it is important for the host to make their event memorable so that guests can refer back to it at a later date.

The Magic Mirror Photobooth can put memories of an event into full-size photographs by offering the ultimate selfie experience. Smartphones may be a convenient way for guests to take selfies, but the pictures come out small and distorted in many cases. The Magic Mirror Photobooth offers guests the opportunity to take full-length selfie shots in order to capture their entire bodies. This can accommodate guests who want to photograph their entire outfits rather than just their faces.

The 84-inch interactive touch screen is something you don’t see anywhere else. It is everyone’s dream to have a giant touchscreen which takes full-size selfies. But that is not the only thing the Magic Mirror Photobooth can do. Guests can add several other options to their photos which will spice them up a bit.

For instance, if they want to leave an emoji and signature on their photos, they can do so right on the screen. And, of course, who doesn’t love adding a few emojis next to a signature to give it more feeling and humour. Guests can also choose whether to have a rustic wooden frame or Hollywood LED frame to customise the theme of their photos. It is really a choice between an old-fashioned and modernised frame.

There is really no other photobooth that surpasses the quality of the Magic Mirror Photobooth. Not only can guests receive unlimited prints, but they have access to customer service by a team of trained staff members who can help them use the machine if they have any troubles with it.

Most of the other photobooth rentals on the market just give you the photobooth without any staff members to help you. When people see that you have a dedicated staff next to the Magic Mirror Photobooth, it’ll make your event look even more professional. If it’s a work-related event, that will be a major plus for you.

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