What is a magic mirror selfie booth?

MTR Productions prides itself in offering the most stylish and creative event packages for your venues. One brand new package that we’re offering is the Magic Mirror Selfie Booth. This will surely make your event stand out amongst all the competition in your industry.

In the age of digital selfie picture taking, everyone loves to take pictures of themselves on their smartphones. But the Magic Mirror Selfie Booth goes a step further with this concept. Instead of taking selfie pictures of only your face, the Selfie Booth lets you take pictures of your entire body. This could serve your guests wonderfully because they can take selfies which capture their full attire rather than merely their face.

There is a full-size mirror inside the booth which functions just like your smartphone touchscreen. You can tap the mirror to take full-length shots of you and anyone else next to you. Imagine the interactive touchscreen of your phone is 5 foot instead of 5 inches. That is what the Magic Mirror Selfie Booth is like.

However, the Magic Mirror can do more than just take full-length selfie snapshots. It also lets your guests add emojis, filters, and custom signatures to their selfies as well. When they’re done customising them, they can have their selfies printed for their own use. MTR Productions will store all the pictures taken on a USB drive which will be delivered to you after the event is over. From there, you can upload the selfie pictures to social media or digitally deliver them to the respective guests.

When you contact MTR Productions to rent a Magic Mirror Selfie Booth, you’ll have a choice between two different style frames. You can choose either the rustic wooden frame or the Hollywood LED frame. If you’re hosting a flashy event with a lot of partying, dancing, and music, then you’ll probably want to choose the Hollywood LED frame because it is much livelier. But if you’re hosting a conservative or formal-style event, then the rustic wooden frame is a much better choice.

MTR Productions rents out Magic Mirror Selfie Booths at an hourly rate, such as £300 for 2 hours, £350 for 3 hours, and £400 for 4 hours. You can go past 5 hours for a custom rate. New props and an LED Showcase rug are included with each booth rental.

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