How much does it cost to rent a photobooth?

No party venue is complete without a photobooth. All the guests at your event will have the privilege of recording photos and videos of themselves inside the photobooth. The content can be shared with you or given to them in a USB flash drive or print.

MTR Productions offers unique photobooths for rent. These are not the typical photobooths that you’d find at a festival or theme park. We offer technologically innovative photobooths which include features like video messaging, facial recognition filters, karaoke, and green screen backgrounds. This means your guests can do things like record video messages about their experience, add music and sing on video, superimpose digitalised moustaches and other facial features, and choose a photo background for their videos and photos.

The rental prices of our photobooths depend on how long you need to rent them for. The minimum rental rate is £300 for 2 hours. But if you want to rent a photobooth for longer than that, you can pay £350 for 3 hours or £400 for 4 hours. If you need the photobooth for over 5 hours, then we can offer you a custom discounted rate. You’ll have to contact us to find out more information about that.

Our photobooth rentals have four different graphic options available for its exterior shell. These graphics can help accommodate the style or nature of your event. You can choose from options like Black Chesterfield, White Chesterfield, Mr. & Mrs. Pink, and Retro Red. For an additional £450, you can have customised graphics placed on the photobooth as well.

No matter how long you rent a photobooth for, you’ll receive all the same amenities and services in your photobooth package. These amenities include unlimited prints for your guests, fresh props for your guests to use inside the booth, a comprehensive team of event planning support, and other staff members readily available to assist you with your photobooth rental.

When the event is over, you’ll receive a USB flash drive which contains all the images and videos from the event on it. Then you can use these images to upload to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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