Christmas Office Party Ideas

Christmas is the biggest season of the year. When you host a Christmas party for your office workers, you should make it something they will remember for years to come. Don’t just settle for the same boring Christmas decorations, such as a Christmas tree, tinsel, and red stockings. Instead, you can really liven up your Christmas office party to give your workers something special.

Any good Christmas office party should have a DJ to play holiday songs and music. MTR Productions can offer a variety of DJ packages, some of which include professional speakers, bass speakers, silver truss podiums, moving spotlights, LED light poles, and so much more. You can even pay extra to enhance the experience with log fog, confetti cannons, and uplighting. Since it is the Christmas holiday season, why not go all out?

If you’re going to have music at your Christmas office party, then you cannot forget about the dancing too. That is why you should consider renting an LED dancefloor for your guests to use at your venue. This is a service which transforms an ordinary dancefloor into a vibrant dancefloor with lots of twinkling effects. It will almost resemble the twinkling of snowflakes after they’ve fallen onto the ground.

The one thing people love to do nowadays is taking selfies, especially at big parties. There are two ways you can make selfie-taking a much more exciting experience for your office workers. First, you can offer table selfies where guests can tap an integrated touch screen on any table, and it will take a selfie picture of themselves. If your guests want to print their selfies, then print stations can be set up nearby for them to grab their selfie prints.

But if you want to take the selfie experience to the next level for your Christmas office party guests, then have a “Magic Mirror” installed at the venue. The Magic Mirror is an oversized interactive touch screen which lets you take full-body selfies of yourself. The screen is 84 inches and is enclosed in rustic wood or an LED frame. There is no better way to take selfies during the Christmas holidays than with a Magic Mirror.

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