8 Tips for a Fabulous Wedding Photo Booth Experience

A wedding is an occasion where people dress up in their best-looking tuxedos and dresses in order to witness the exchange of wedding vows between two people who are in love.

After the wedding ceremony, all the wedding guests gather together for the wedding reception. This is kind of like the wedding afterparty where people eat well-catered food, drink champagne, and dance their hearts away on the dancefloor. But how about adding to the tradition by installing a photobooth which lets your guests record photos and videos of themselves?

The latest wedding photobooths create an experience that the bride and groom will never forget. The ideal photobooths let guests leave all sorts of fun video messages for the couple, so they can look back upon it later in their lives.

Below are 8 tips to ensure that you establish a fabulous wedding photobooth experience.

1) Video Messaging

Video messages are much more memorable than photographs. The best wedding photo booths should always have video recording options which let guests record personal messages for the bride and groom.

2) Karaoke

Let guests record themselves singing karaoke to the bride and groom. The ideal wedding photo booth not only supports karaoke, but it also has a variety of songs for the singer to choose from. Guests can choose a good wedding song and just have fun with it. They don’t need to be good singers for people to enjoy it.

3) Green Screen Backgrounds

Green screen backgrounds help add a little spice to wedding photos and videos. If the wedding couldn’t take place somewhere exotic, then a green screen background allows guests to impose an exotic background into their images digitally.

4) Facial Recognition Filters

Facial recognition filters can enhance the facial appearance of your guests. They can give themselves more brightness, darkness, contrast, or additional accessories like moustaches or masks.

5) Graphic Themed Booth

The exterior of the wedding photo booth should have a wedding friendly colour and design to it. Two recommended graphic options for the exterior are called White Chesterfield and Pink Mr. & Mrs. You can also go with a custom design if you have one of your own.

6) Showcase the Digital Images

All the photographs taken in the booth are saved to a USB drive. You can share the photographs by showcasing them to everyone at the wedding, or you can send them to people individually. The bride and groom will want to have a copy of the USB drive because it is part of their wedding history that they’ll want to look back upon.

7) Support Team on Standby

Have professional staff members on-call at the scene to ensure the wedding photobooth is working well for your guests. If there is a problem with the booth for some reason, the support team can do handle the issue.

8) Add Props

Great wedding photographs can always include props. These could be props that people hold or wear as they pose for their pictures. Props could make a person look more important or dignified in some way.

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