5 Tips To Consider Before Booking a Photobooth

Are you thinking about booking a photobooth for your special event or social gathering? Photobooths can bring a lot of joy to your guests because it allows them to have some fun while capturing a photo of the happiness they had there.

However, do not automatically assume that every photobooth available for rent is the same. You need to take certain things about the photobooth into consideration before you settle on one. Otherwise, you could end up with a photobooth which does not meet your expectations. Not only will it be a waste of money for you, but it’ll create a less than satisfactory experience for your guests.

To help you avoid this from happening, below are the top 5 tips to consider before booking a photobooth.

1) Find out the quality of the camera in the photobooth

If you really want to impress your guests, then your photobooth should have a commercial quality camera that takes the pictures. If it uses a tablet camera with low resolution, then the photos won’t printout very well. A commercial camera is 4K high resolution and have professional lighting and flashing for the picture taking.

2) Choose a photobooth with customisation and filter options

Don’t just have a photobooth take ordinary photographs of your guests. There are photobooths now which offer fun customisation and filter options, such as green screen backgrounds that are replaced with images of other places. People can also add moustaches and other accessories to their faces. Find a photobooth with these options, and it’ll make your guests much happier.

3) A live viewing screen should be included in the photobooth

We live in an age where people want to see their faces before taking photographs of themselves. That is why your photobooth needs to have a live view screen for your guests to see themselves. This will make it easier for your guests to position themselves properly before the pictures are taken.

4) Find out how many people can fit into the photobooth

Do you want a photobooth which can fit up to 2 people or more than 2 people? If you’re hosting a big party, then you should consider the size of your photobooth before you rent it. You may want to accommodate larger groups of people who want to have their pictures taken together. Keep that in mind before you rent a photobooth.

5) Get the unlimited printing option

Look for a photobooth rental service which offers unlimited prints. You wouldn’t want there to be limitations on the number of prints because it could prevent some of your guests from receiving printouts. That will make them unhappy, and it’ll create a negative impression of your organization. Therefore, unlimited prints must come with your photobooth.

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